Common Rottweiler Health Issues Prevention Tips

Rottweilers are one of the most agile and fearless dogs but they are prone to certain illness which causes death. The entire purpose of writing this blog is to educate all Rottweiler owners to take better care of their dogs and ensure a happy and healthy life for the canine. Here we will discuss on some Rottweiler health issues and how to keep your dog in good health.

Surveys on Rottweilers show that these dogs are prone to some serious diseases including cancer, if their heath is not monitored. Extensive studies have shown that most common type of cancer that Rottweiler suffers from is that in the bone (osteosarcoma). The other types of this deadly disease, that these creatures are prone to include Lymphosarcoma, Mastocytoma, Melanoma, Histiosarcoma, etc. So, those who already own a Rottweiler should get check-ups done periodically to ensure that the dog is not suffering.


However, those who haven’t yet got one and are planning to get a Rottweiler should do it only from reputed Rottweiler breeders in Australia. Only the reputed dealers as mentioned at the end of this blog closely monitors the health of Rottweiler puppies and also deal with purebred Rotweiler puppies that are much less prone to these diseases.

The other kinds of diseases that these wonderful dogs are vulnerable to are heart diseases, most of which are sub-arotic stenosis. Besides that, Rottweilers are also prone to gastrointestinal syndrome which is common across all deep-chested breeds.


The other less common types of diseases that are associated with this breed are skin diseases, colitis, epilepsy and progressive retinal atrophy. The solution lies in maintaining the basic hygiene which includes periodic check-ups and checking the pedigree carefully before getting them from a breeder. Doing these basics right will reduce the chances of Rottweiler health issues at bay.

The most essential thing that one must focus on while getting a dog is to know how it has been bred.

That is what ensures how healthy it is. There are a few Rottweiler breeders in Australia but Coalfire Rottweiler is one of the most reputed among them. They take special care of each puppy. They breed their dogs in exceptionally good conditions and keep an eye on each Rottweiler puppy separately (on its health and psychological aspects) and also provide a sort of a guarantee on the health of the dogs.