Different Ages and Stages of Rottweiler

Normal growth of a puppy makes it healthy and strong. Hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia are some of the serious, common diseases that are caused by rushed growth of a Rottweiler pup. Do not give any sort of growth supplements to your pet in order to increase its height or weight, because in the long run your pet may suffer from the problem in their joints and also may have knee problems and also serious heart diseases.

Rottweiler puppies are really adorable, but like any other breed they can vary in size, structure and personality.

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There are certain things which are responsible for the weight/height/growth of your pet.

These include his or her bloodlines i.e. genetic components, which means the size of his parents, his metabolic rate, diet, activity level and others.

It is commonly found that male Rottweilers are usually heavier than the female Rotties, but genes and bloodline plays an important role here. If you want to see your Rottweiler grow in a healthy manner, then be patient and allow him to grow and develop in its own pace.

Usually Rottweilers grow and mature slowly but their height and weight is generally determined by their genes. Ensure that your pet eats in proper quantity and exercises regularly to help him in his normal healthy development.


Here some of the important information regarding Rottweiler growth and development:

  • Most rapid growth occurs between birth and 8 months of age.
  • Your pup will gain his full height before he reaches its full weight.
  • Most of the pups do not mature until 18 months- 2 years of age.
  • Some puppies keep growing until they are 3 years of age.
  • During adolescence period most pups look awkward and scrawny.

Apart from these above mentioned Rottweiler information, you will get a number of sites on the internet regarding the varied stages of Rottweiler growth during the different age span.

Rottweilers are strong and tough dogs. They have immense self-confidence and they are intelligent too. They are extremely energetic. A properly trained Rottweiler can be a devoted friend to children.

Some of the important points to consider before you get one as your pet are:

  • Is a Rottweiler comfortable with other dogs and cats
  • Is Rottweiler is reliable with children
  • How much Rottweiler eats
  • How much exercise a Rottweiler needs
  • What is a Rottweiler’s life span

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From the above mentioned context we can say that before adopting or purchasing a Rottweiler one should be informed with the necessary facts which are related to bringing up a Rottweiler.

Rottweilers also have fear periods where the mundane may freak them so it is important that you ignore their fear and communicate to them that fear is unacceptable-nothing can hurt them.

These periods usually occur between 8-16 weeks and 9-14 months of age. Ignore their antics.