How to Trick Train your Rottweiler

Trick training is just like any other Rottweiler training and demands practice and patience. You also need to frequently and lavishly reward your Rottweiler for right performance. It is essential to teach your Rottweiler the ‘focus command’ before you move on with trick training. Begin with the easy training activities, plan the training according to your dog’s pace of learning.

How to Get Started?

For beginners, it is important to focus on the basics like shaking hands, fetching and dancing. All of these will improve your dog’s skills and confidence quickly.

The Handshake Trick:

The handshake trick starts with the ‘sit’ position followed by getting its attention using the ‘focus command’. Pick up its paw gently using one hand and give your dog a treat using the other. Whenever your dog raises its paw on your command, praise lavishly and give it a treat. Keep repeating this technique and you will find that it masters this trick very quickly. Also, try to teach your Rottweiler dog to ‘hide’ and ‘wave’ its face using its paw after the handshaking trick is mastered.

The Fetching Trick:

A long lead, helps initially in the ‘fetch’ trick. As soon as your dog is focused, toss away its favourite toy at a little distance (a few feet away). Remember to say ‘fetch’ when it jumps or runs towards the toy. Make sure that you praise your pet after it picks up the toy, and again when it brings the toy to you to play again. Wait until the toy is given again, and praise as well as reward your dog again. As you achieve success in ‘fetch’ move on to other games like Frisbee. Never praise for dog dropping article- they are to offer it to you.


The Dancing Trick:

The dancing trick is a simple one that is based primarily on the ‘sit’ position. Start by placing a treat above the dog’s nose till such time it jumps on hind legs. Make sure that you say ‘dance’ and then give the treat to your Rottweiler while taking hold of the front legs gently. You should dance along with your pet at first and guide it by keeping hold of its front legs, making it balance on the hind ones. Never force or pull your dog to make it stay in ‘standing’ position. Just reward as and when the behaviour occurs naturally. Finally, you will see that your dog will start performing the trick without any assistance.

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