Make Your Rottweiler Learn To “SPEAK”

Rottweilers barking nature is inherited from their ancestors’ days in the wild. Sometimes it is observed that your rottweiler’s bark may become excessive and create nuisance not only for you but your neighbours as well. So, it is very important to teach your dog to first become “quiet” and then bark or “speak” when you command. Here, are a few training tips that you can carry out to teach your dog to speak.

Command Him To “Speak”

 Grab your dog’s favourite toy or a treat and hold it in your hand out of the reach of your rottweiler. The below-mentioned steps can help you:

  • Firstly, it is important to get your rottweiler’s attention. Then call out his name in a happy tone and show him his favourite stuff.
  • Prompt the command “speak” in a calm but excited tone. Give your dog some time to respond back and then repeat the command again by showing him the toy. You can also knock at the door if any treat is not working out.
  • Keep on repeating the command until he responds back to you. Once he does so, reward him with a treat.
  • Or withhold his feed until he barks for it.

Train Him Without A Treat

 If you find that your dog has mastered the command of “speak” as well, then try it out without rewarding him with a treat. This encourages him to listen to you even though you do not have a treat. You can also substitute the treat by praising him whenever he reacts to your command.

Train Him To Be Quiet 

It is important to teach him to be quiet. This can be done by using these simple steps: When your dog barks excessively on the ring of your doorbell, sit in front of him and try to grab his attention with a sound of a clap. Once he is looking attentively towards you, say “quiet” and throw him a treat. Try this out for about two to three times and then repeat it again for a few days, so that your dog masters this command.

Always be sure he has no valid reason to bark, rottweilers do not generally bark for no reason. Training your rottweiler requires patience and lots of hard work, for making him obedient and well mannered.If you are thinking to get your rottweiler well trained, then come to Coalfire Rottweilers. Here, we provide our customers with the best of our services.