Rottweiler Anxiety Symptoms & Their Causes

A rottweiler is a very caring and loving breed of dog. They easily get attached to their owner and love to get their attention always. Anxiousness is not a strange behaviour for any dog, rottweiler is no exception.

We are sure you would not want your pet to stay unhappy, so it is very important to watch out for different signs of anxiety and get it treated as soon as possible. In some cases, natural remedies work to treat anxiety, but when you are not able to, it is advisable to see a vet.




One of the most natural anxiety seen in a rottweiler is the separation anxiety. First, let us discuss a bit more on the same.

What is Separation Anxiety?

As the name suggests, this type of anxiety can be observed in your rottweiler puppy when he is left to stay alone.

Symptoms Associated

It has been observed that due to separation anxiety, your rottweiler might become more aggressive or destructive in nature. For instance, if left alone he might chew on anything causing damage to your personal items, or even develop howling and barking.

What Do Professionals Say

A rottweiler or any other dog might experience separation anxiety due to excessive trauma in the past or it might be in their personality itself.




Cure To The Problem

Most people think that the best solution to cure this type of anxiety is to not leave your dog alone for more that a minute. But, this is not true. We all have got other work to do as well that cannot be avoided. So, the potential solutions for curing this situation are:

  • Before you leave your rottweiler at home, we advise that you should give him ample exercise and keep his toys near, so that he can chew on them.
  • Avoid paying attention to him when you are getting ready to leave, this helps them understand that you have got some other priorities to attend to as well.
  • Lastly, but less obvious, you can get another canine for your rottweiler to have company.

Apart from the separation, a rottweiler might experience anxiety due to other reasons that include, illness, aging, change in the circumstances, etc.

What Do You Need To Look Out For?

Due to anxiety in your rottweiler, he might not only show a destructive nature but also might suffer from diarrhea, obsessive barking, not participating in any playful activity, hiding or tucking his tail.

When you are not able to find any solution to all these behaviour, we would advise you to take your Rottie to a vet and seek help.

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Points to Remember while Going for a Drive with Your Rottweiler

Are you thinking to take your Rottweiler out with you for the next road trip? Don’t worry we will guide you through few tips that will be helpful for you.

    • Safe Transportation

Travelling with your Rottweiler is fun. But it is very important to keep him safe during the trip. Leaving your Rottweiler to wander in the car while you drive should be avoided. Securing your Rottie in the car guarantees safety for both, him and the people in the car as well as on the road.




    • Stop Often:

      Depending on the time of your travel, stopping frequently at intervals is important. This will give your rottweiler space to go around and wind up his job. This will comfort your Rottie and make the car ride fun for him as well.

    • Keep Your Rottie Hydrated:

      Long car trips might make your Rottweiler tired and thirsty. Thus, keeping him hydrated will be a great idea. Carry a spill proof bowl along with you to avoid messing inside the car. But, don’t keep your Rottie thirsty for hours this may make him car sick.




      • Do Not Leave Your Rottweiler Alone In The Car:

Spending long hours for quick food and drinks at a cafe by the road might bore your Rottie. A switched off vehicle turns into an oven instantly, thus leaving your Rottie in such environment makes him feel sick. Do not make the mistake to leave him alone in the vehicle for hours.

    • Stop Kids From Teasing Your Rottweiler:

      Kids get over excited while on a trip. In such a situation, they tend to tease the Rottie and jab him. This should be avoided as such behaviour will make your Rottweiler stressed out and feel uneasy during the trip.

Considering these important points will make travelling a pleasant experience for you as well as your Rottweiler.

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Common Mistakes Rottweiler Owners Shouldn’t Make

A Rottweiler is said to be a fast learner and an obedient dog if trained perfectly. During the training session, many mistakes could be made either by you or the trainer.

Here, we will discuss the common mistakes that can be made while conducting your Rottweiler’s training session.

Disciplining Your Rottweiler During The Training Session

Getting frustrated during the training session when your Rottweiler is excited and not paying attention is one of the biggest mistakes every owner makes. A training session should be filled with loads of fun. Disciplining your Rottie at that time will turn out to be a wrong decision. Developing a sense of fear in your Rottweiler’s mind will never let you accomplish what you are trying to train them.




Being Over Protective Of Your Scared Rottie

A thunderstorm or loud noise tends to scare your Rottweiler. In such situations, your Rottie might want to come to you or in some cases pee on the floor as well. It is your duty not to react in an over-protective manner at this time. Ignore their concern, this builds up a sense of normalcy in them.

Saying Big Phrases

When you are training your Rottweiler to “sit”, simply just say “sit”. Many Times we tend to speak out long phrases like “come on sit down sweetie”, this should be avoided. Talking to your Rottweiler during the training session will confuse him, thus, he will not learn anything.




Jerking Or Pulling Of The Leash

Jerking or pulling of the leash is a common mistake made by Rottweiler owners while training him to walk. This causes a tug of war between you and your Rottie, he takes it as a game and this gets you nowhere. The best way to tackle such situation is to stand firm on the ground while your Rottweiler pulls, this will make him understand that you are the owner and not him.

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Tricks to Teach Your Rottweiler to ‘Sit’

Teaching your Rottweiler to ‘sit’, is not a difficult task. All you need to do is give some time and keep patience. As said, “patience can lead to success”. To make your training session with your Rottie fun and playful, we bring you some amazing tricks that you can try out.

Here are a few Rottweiler Training Secrets

Pick A Reward

Rottweilers love it when they are rewarded. So, to teach your rottweiler puppy to sit, the first and basic rule is to pick the apt reward for him. This could include his favourite food, toy or even loads of praises. Avoid using any human food like a pretzel, chips, etc. this might affect their health. Though food might tend to overweigh your Rottie, so you can go for toys as a reward. Moreover, the best reward system that we recommend is to praise. Whenever your rottweiler responds to your command, pat him on his head, or behind the ears, this helps them to understand that you are happy with their performance.


Diamond on the go with his feed bowl


Use Easy Treats

‘Sit’ is the first command you should opt to teach your Rottie. For this, you need to make sure that you are in a comfortable environment so that your pet can only focus on you. Give him a hint that you have got a treat.

When you are at ease, in a friendly tone command ‘sit’. Since dogs are more familiar with hand signals, so together with the command use a hand signal. You can do so by showing them the treat. This encourages your rottweiler to immediately sit. Once he sits down, give him the treat.

Offer Him His Favourite Toy

As mentioned in the previous step, you can use a toy to grab the attention of your Rottweiler. This will not only help in training your Rottie to sit, but also will make the session a playful one.

Try Out New Areas

Once when you are sure that your loving friend has mastered the command ‘sit’, you can take a step forward and try commanding in a different area. The most preferred are the backyard, park, or some other room in your home.




Train him in the environment the same way as mentioned above. This helps him understand that no matter wherever he might be, when you command to ‘sit’, he has to do so.

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What Qualities Make you the Suitable owner of A Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are known to be one of the friendliest breeds. They gel up pretty well with their owners and need lot of attention and care in return. In order to become the suitable owner for a rottweiler, you should possess some of the below-mentioned qualities.

Being Calm, Confident & Assertive

A rottweiler matches well with a timid personality, or the one who has a strong ability to take up responsibilities. So, if you are calm, confident and assertive in nature, then you are just the right one to own a rottweiler.




Possess A High Degree Of Discipline

From the day a rottweiler is introduced in a family, he requires to get trained regularly starting from the early years. Moreover, you would also require to adapt to his exercising needs, that includes regular walks and playing games. In such cases, if only you maintain a strict routine with a high degree of discipline, then the rottweiler is the pet you should own.

Can Manage Time For Your Rottweiler

Rottweilers love to stay around their owner all day long. They show their affection bu putting their chin or paw on your lap. So, it is important for you to be comfortable and have some extra time for your rottweiler.




Prepared For A Long Term Relationship

Rottweilers shower a lot of affectionate and faithfulness to their owner. So, to become the suitable owner for a rottweiler, you need to prepare yourself for a long term relationship with ample time for your faithful friend.

Understanding And Easy To Adjust

You should be aware that petting a rottweiler, is not an easy task only if you are understanding and eager to adjust and share your home with him.

All these qualities make you a suitable owner to take up the responsibility of a rottweiler. For further information on rottweilers please contact Coalfire Rottweilers. We are a well-known breeder in Australia.