Tricks to Teach Your Rottweiler to ‘Sit’

Teaching your Rottweiler to ‘sit’, is not a difficult task. All you need to do is give some time and keep patience. As said, “patience can lead to success”. To make your training session with your Rottie fun and playful, we bring you some amazing tricks that you can try out.

Here are a few Rottweiler Training Secrets

Pick A Reward

Rottweilers love it when they are rewarded. So, to teach your rottweiler puppy to sit, the first and basic rule is to pick the apt reward for him. This could include his favourite food, toy or even loads of praises. Avoid using any human food like a pretzel, chips, etc. this might affect their health. Though food might tend to overweigh your Rottie, so you can go for toys as a reward. Moreover, the best reward system that we recommend is to praise. Whenever your rottweiler responds to your command, pat him on his head, or behind the ears, this helps them to understand that you are happy with their performance.


Diamond on the go with his feed bowl


Use Easy Treats

‘Sit’ is the first command you should opt to teach your Rottie. For this, you need to make sure that you are in a comfortable environment so that your pet can only focus on you. Give him a hint that you have got a treat.

When you are at ease, in a friendly tone command ‘sit’. Since dogs are more familiar with hand signals, so together with the command use a hand signal. You can do so by showing them the treat. This encourages your rottweiler to immediately sit. Once he sits down, give him the treat.

Offer Him His Favourite Toy

As mentioned in the previous step, you can use a toy to grab the attention of your Rottweiler. This will not only help in training your Rottie to sit, but also will make the session a playful one.

Try Out New Areas

Once when you are sure that your loving friend has mastered the command ‘sit’, you can take a step forward and try commanding in a different area. The most preferred are the backyard, park, or some other room in your home.




Train him in the environment the same way as mentioned above. This helps him understand that no matter wherever he might be, when you command to ‘sit’, he has to do so.

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