Common Mistakes Rottweiler Owners Shouldn’t Make

A Rottweiler is said to be a fast learner and an obedient dog if trained perfectly. During the training session, many mistakes could be made either by you or the trainer.

Here, we will discuss the common mistakes that can be made while conducting your Rottweiler’s training session.

Disciplining Your Rottweiler During The Training Session

Getting frustrated during the training session when your Rottweiler is excited and not paying attention is one of the biggest mistakes every owner makes. A training session should be filled with loads of fun. Disciplining your Rottie at that time will turn out to be a wrong decision. Developing a sense of fear in your Rottweiler’s mind will never let you accomplish what you are trying to train them.




Being Over Protective Of Your Scared Rottie

A thunderstorm or loud noise tends to scare your Rottweiler. In such situations, your Rottie might want to come to you or in some cases pee on the floor as well. It is your duty not to react in an over-protective manner at this time. Ignore their concern, this builds up a sense of normalcy in them.

Saying Big Phrases

When you are training your Rottweiler to “sit”, simply just say “sit”. Many Times we tend to speak out long phrases like “come on sit down sweetie”, this should be avoided. Talking to your Rottweiler during the training session will confuse him, thus, he will not learn anything.




Jerking Or Pulling Of The Leash

Jerking or pulling of the leash is a common mistake made by Rottweiler owners while training him to walk. This causes a tug of war between you and your Rottie, he takes it as a game and this gets you nowhere. The best way to tackle such situation is to stand firm on the ground while your Rottweiler pulls, this will make him understand that you are the owner and not him.

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