Effective Tips to Stop Destructive Chewing In Rottweilers

Destructive Chewing In Rottweilers – Stop Them!

Rottweilers are quite inquisitive in nature and love to explore their surrounding. In doing so, they end up chewing random things present in your home. If this habit persists in your rottweiler, then getting rid of it as soon as possible will be a great idea. Here, are a few ways that will help you to fix the problem of gnawing or destructive chewing in your rottweiler.

Keep Calm If your dog has already done his work by chewing on any random object, then yelling or shouting at him at that moment is not recommended. This has a negative influence on your dog and encourages him to respond in the wrong way. So, it is important for you to maintain calmness in such a situation.

Refocus Your Rottweiler Using A Treat If your rottweiler is adamant and not wanting to shift his focus from the chewed object, then showing him a treat or his favourite toy will definitely do the trick.

Grab The Chewed Object Boost up your energy and confront your rottweiler by letting him understand that the object he has chewed is yours and not his. This helps your dog to release the object instantly.

Opt For Safe Chew Toys The habit of chewing in a rottweiler is seen from their puppy age. This is because when the puppy is teething, it tends to bite on whatever comes on its way. So, it is recommended that you purchase for safe chew toys and make your puppy understand that he needs to chew the toy and not on any random object.

Get Strict In Your Approach If any of the above tricks does not work in fixing the habit of gnawing in your rottweiler, then it is wise tot ake up preventive measures, for instance, coat the furniture or any other items with a non-toxic material and keep your dog away from it. This deters his taste and thus, prevents him chewing on your objects. Here, in Coalfire Rottweilers, we offer you with the best training for your Rottie. So, contact us today. We are here to help you!

Minimise Aggressive Behavior of your Rottweiler

Rottweilers are known to be keen observers, they observe every circumstances by displaying calming signals and only react if they find that the signals are ignored. A rottweiler shows the behaviour of aggression by making a low growling noise. If this behaviour persists in your rottweiler, then being the owner you should closely watch him, so that you come to know the reason of his growling. Some of the reasons for your rottweiler to act aggressively are:

Food Aggression

This occurs during the feeding time of your rottweiler, if he shows his teeth, growls or snaps his jaws when you are approaching him, then your dog is suffering from food aggression.

Territorially Aggressive

A rottweiler is said to be territorially aggressive if he becomes aggressive when visitors come by your home.


Protective Aggressive Behaviour

If your dog becomes aggressive by seeing another dog while you take him for a walk, then your rottweiler is supposed to suffer from protective aggressive behaviour.

Anxiety Aggression

Due to lack of socialisation, many rottweilers tend to get scared, which later on results in aggression due to anxiety.

Here, are few steps that you would be required not to do when your rottweiler behaves aggressively

  1. When your dog is stressed out, it is recommended not to pressurise him. Do not approach your dog when he is growling at you. It is advisable that you respect your rottweiler’s wish and give him his own space to handle his fear.
  2. If your dog is showing aggression, then shouting, hitting or yelling will not help to solve the situation. This might show a reverse action, thus making the situation worse.
  3. It is recommended to stop playing games that enhance aggression like tug of war with your Rottie, if he is already showing sign of aggression. Rather involve your dog in playing the fetch game, this will shift his focus and may act as a cure for his aggressive behaviour.

When you own a rottweiler it is important to remember that together with care you should also try and keep calmness as well as patience so that your dog becomes obedient and is able to fight his fears that result in aggression.

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