All You Need to Know About Australian Shepherd Dogs


Determining upon a lady or male Australian Shepherd, is not always a simple option for a prospective owner. There is an assortment of factors to consider when determining which gender would work best for the family. The largest decision to make when choosing an Australian Shepherd, is whether or not to choose a man or woman dog. Many new owners currently also have their minds made up on which sex they prefer. Generally, when buying an Australian Shepherd, people will ask for a particular gender, yet some people remain unsure. When selecting between a man or woman Australian Shepherd, you’ll find the reproductive differences to contemplate.




Females of the strain therefore are able to give birth to offspring and get into season about every 6 months. Men of the strain are able to impregnate women and may do so at any moment. There are apparent difference between the females and males, one special being the size of the dog. Males are often bigger than the females of the breed. Male Australian Shepherds consider on average about 50-65 lbs and are 20-23 inches in height. Female Australian Shepherd are considerably smaller and consider between 35-45 lbs and have a typical height of 18-21 inches. There is an assortment of differences in characters characteristics of female and male Australian Shepherds. The women of the breed, have an inclination to have a more of the relaxed personality.