One Of the Bad Habits Of Rottweilers: Destructive Chewing

If you own a rottweiler and you are experiencing his destructive chewing nature, then it is very important to understand the reason and find the best solution for this condition. For rottweiler puppies, chewing helps in relieving them from the pain of teething. For the adults, it is a way to maintain oral health and keep the jaws stronger. It also helps in combating boredom and relieve your Rottweiler’s mind from anxiety and stress. Let us understand each of the reason more clearly and find for the perfect solution.


Anxiety Due To Separation

Mostly when dogs are left alone at home they tend to adapt to the habit of chewing on random things. This release of anxiety is because of their separation from their owner. So, it is advisable that whenever you leave your rottweiler alone in your home keep away all your belongings from his reach.


Teething Of The Puppy

Like human babies, puppies also have the tendency to chew on random things while they are teething. Chewing helps to relieve from the gum pain that your rottweiler puppy might experience during the time of teething. Also, rottweilers are quite inquisitive, because of this nature they chew on things around them. In order to get rid of this habit, you can opt for soft chewable toys for your rottweiler.

Due To Lack Of Exercise And Mental Stimulation

Sometimes it is observed that your rottweiler tends to chew on random objects due to boredom. You can simply accomplish this by introducing long walks and games in your Rottweiler’s daily regimen. It also helps in mental stimulation, thus preventing your rottweiler from chewing random things.

Stress & Frustration

If your dog experiences something unusual like stress, that might be caused when your rottweiler is near to any other dog or is being teased by children, then he might adopt the habit of chewing. You can stop this by avoiding your dog from exposing him to such situation that makes him nervous and upset. It is very important for every owner of a rottweiler to take serious steps from their dog’s younger age so, that he gets the training of not chewing on any random object in your home.

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