Quick Tips To Stop Your Rottweiler From Jumping On Your Furniture

Your furniture is one of the favourite places for your rottweiler to sit and feel comfortable. This is because a rottweiler feels safe as he lies on the space where his owner sits. But, this might not be a good habit to continue, so it is recommended that you get rid of this as soon as possible. Here, are a few steps that you can take in order to stop your rottweiler from jumping on your furniture.

Create A Place For Their Comfort

It is recommended that you create a comfort place for your rottweiler in each of your rooms. This will help them feel safe and stay warm as well as cosy. Keep a blanket or a pillow for your rottweiler to lay on, this will prevent him from jumping on the couch.


Spread An Old T- Shirt Or Socks On Your Rottweiler’s Bed

A rottweiler is quite attached to his owner, due to this reason he likes to jump on the things that smell like you. So, it is recommended to place any of your belongings on his bed that would make the space special for him, thus, relieving him of anxiety and preventing him from jumping on your furniture.

Discourage This Behaviour Of Your Rottweiler

In order to make your rottweiler understand that your furniture is not his place to lay or sit on, then it is recommended that you discourage him always for this behaviour. Stop your dog from jumping on the furniture one day and then the second day if he lays on the sofa, scold him for this behaviour. Considering these steps will help you to prevent your rottweiler from jumping on the furniture in your absence. Train him to only jump on the furniture when you command him to do so. Rottweilers are regarded as a great friendly dog. So, if you want to select a puppy for yourself, then come down to Coalfire Rottweilers, we are one of the well-known rottweiler breeder in Oakdale.