Reputed Rottweiler Breeders 

Anatomically and Psychologically Balanced Rottweiler Puppies For Sale In Queensland, AU


I am Greg  Tynan and I live in the South Burnett wine & olive growing area in South East Queensland.

My Rottweilers live on 53 Acres: Room to move, room to grow, and become the dog they should be- A dog of herding, protection of both stock and person as well as a brilliant family companion who has more personality than a lot of people you meet. A working dog yes it is! But also quite happy to lay about with it’s family.

After training dogs for many years for obedience, I decided to breed rottweilers because they had all the attributes we required in an obedience and family companion: Strength of character, mind and body, loyalty, independence, unconditional love and most important the insatiable desire and ability to learn.



We are meticulous about breeding only the best German stock and breed as much of them as possible while maintaining the quality of the dogs at the same time. The German stock has parameters in place to prevent the breeding of unworthy stock and likewise it maintains the ability of the dog to act as the perfect companion for the family and to rise to any other occasion when the need arises.



No Rottweiler breeders in Australia will be able to guarantee a perfect show winning stock- but we do as much as we can. We guarantee against disqualifying faults and replace the dog according to the sales contract. Whatever fault there might be in the dog is predominantly due to temperament issues and for no other man-made reason. We care for the people who buy our dogs as much as the dogs that we breed and we make sure that we give the best to the buyers who have undertaken the responsibility of taking a dog, caring for him and bringing out the best in him.


Towards that end we offer Rottweiler pup bred from such historically brilliant dog’s lines as Ives Eulenspiegel his off-spring Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen. Also dogs such as Santo vom Schwaiger Wappen, Iwan vom Fusse der Eifel, Lord von Schilfeck, Benno von der Schwarzenheide, Champ vom Vilstalerland, etc and we certainly shouldn’t ignore dogs such as Kai vom Tengen, Bulli vom Hungerbuhl or even Blitz vom Schloss Westerwinkel; as well as Itta vom Zimmerplatz- a quality Dam and producer of many incredible dogs of major influence in a large proportion of our current breed lines in use worldwide.


As Rottweiler breeders in Australia, we breed for excellence in pedigree- which over time gives rise to a steady line of dogs. We give a minimum of five generation pedigree for the Rottweiler puppies in QLD to guarantee against disqualifying faults as per the breed standard. Co-efficient of inbreeding & ancestral blood percentages is available on all our breeding stock and proposed litters. Check out the Coalfire Rottweiler Puppies for Sale. Further information can be obtained from us via the contacts on this site.