What To Look For While Breeding Rottweilers?

Breeding Rottweilers is not a child’s play. With decades of rich experience in breeding and rearing rottweilers we are focused to develop the breed and produce very high quality puppies. Our war does not end in just choosing a good male and a good female for breeding. Finding the right stud dog is actually a hard catch and that is the primary reason because of which we provide our assistance and guidance. The steps or the tips that we list down below are actually easy and helps you narrow down your selection criteria. Narrowing down allows you from going into any sort of confusion about stud Rottweilers.


5 Steps before Choosing Your Stud Rottweiler


Be Objective about the Good and the Bad Points of Your Rottweiler Males – It is difficult to find a stud who compliments the weakness of your bitch. But you can always look for dogs who do not share much of the faults of the bitch. So always be objective and focus on high line Rottweiler males who does not share the faults of the bitch. Since perfection is never possible. A good stud dog is not always the big show winner


Know about the Traits Inheritance in case You wish to Change them – In case the undesirable trait of the bitch is inherited as a dominant, then the chances are high that the dog will not be able correct that, in spite of not having the trait. Here is where the dominant gene comes to play its role. But if the undesirable trait of the bitch is inherited as a simple recessive, then the chances are high that the stud can correct it in case he does not share the same trait. Hence apart from choosing the stud dog we also make a detailed analysis of the genetical traits of our females.


Don’t Stay Focused on One Line – In case you are tempted to focus on one particular bloodline, it would be important for you to know that even an average Rottweiler can be in top form provided they get the right training. So when trying to judge the Rottweilers, be extremely objective in your judging process. It is important to critically analysis the the past progenies for a female.


Meet the Prospective Stud Rottweilers – It is important for you to meet the prospective Rottweilers in person other than just checking out the online photos. Meeting them in person is important because you will get an idea about the temperament. The temperament needs to be checked so that they blend well with the temperament of the bitch.


Select a Breeder who Stays Near You – It is always beneficial to select a breeder who stays near to where you stay. The physical proximity helps in lowering the cost involved in traveling.


These 5 steps are the basic guiding factors that will help you to choose your high line Rottweiler males in a better and a more systematic way. If you are looking for a Rottweiler you should first need to look for a reputed Rottweiler breeder who offers high line Rottweiler puppies for sale in QLD.