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Quick Tips To Stop Your Rottweiler From Jumping On Your Furniture

Your furniture is one of the favourite places for your rottweiler to sit and feel comfortable. This is because a rottweiler feels safe as he lies on the space where his owner sits. But, this might not be a good habit to continue, so it is recommended that you get rid of this as soon as possible. Here, are a few steps that you can take in order to stop your rottweiler from jumping on your furniture.

Create A Place For Their Comfort

It is recommended that you create a comfort place for your rottweiler in each of your rooms. This will help them feel safe and stay warm as well as cosy. Keep a blanket or a pillow for your rottweiler to lay on, this will prevent him from jumping on the couch.


Spread An Old T- Shirt Or Socks On Your Rottweiler’s Bed

A rottweiler is quite attached to his owner, due to this reason he likes to jump on the things that smell like you. So, it is recommended to place any of your belongings on his bed that would make the space special for him, thus, relieving him of anxiety and preventing him from jumping on your furniture.

Discourage This Behaviour Of Your Rottweiler

In order to make your rottweiler understand that your furniture is not his place to lay or sit on, then it is recommended that you discourage him always for this behaviour. Stop your dog from jumping on the furniture one day and then the second day if he lays on the sofa, scold him for this behaviour. Considering these steps will help you to prevent your rottweiler from jumping on the furniture in your absence. Train him to only jump on the furniture when you command him to do so. Rottweilers are regarded as a great friendly dog. So, if you want to select a puppy for yourself, then come down to Coalfire Rottweilers, we are one of the well-known rottweiler breeder in Oakdale.

One Of the Bad Habits Of Rottweilers: Destructive Chewing

If you own a rottweiler and you are experiencing his destructive chewing nature, then it is very important to understand the reason and find the best solution for this condition. For rottweiler puppies, chewing helps in relieving them from the pain of teething. For the adults, it is a way to maintain oral health and keep the jaws stronger. It also helps in combating boredom and relieve your Rottweiler’s mind from anxiety and stress. Let us understand each of the reason more clearly and find for the perfect solution.


Anxiety Due To Separation

Mostly when dogs are left alone at home they tend to adapt to the habit of chewing on random things. This release of anxiety is because of their separation from their owner. So, it is advisable that whenever you leave your rottweiler alone in your home keep away all your belongings from his reach.


Teething Of The Puppy

Like human babies, puppies also have the tendency to chew on random things while they are teething. Chewing helps to relieve from the gum pain that your rottweiler puppy might experience during the time of teething. Also, rottweilers are quite inquisitive, because of this nature they chew on things around them. In order to get rid of this habit, you can opt for soft chewable toys for your rottweiler.

Due To Lack Of Exercise And Mental Stimulation

Sometimes it is observed that your rottweiler tends to chew on random objects due to boredom. You can simply accomplish this by introducing long walks and games in your Rottweiler’s daily regimen. It also helps in mental stimulation, thus preventing your rottweiler from chewing random things.

Stress & Frustration

If your dog experiences something unusual like stress, that might be caused when your rottweiler is near to any other dog or is being teased by children, then he might adopt the habit of chewing. You can stop this by avoiding your dog from exposing him to such situation that makes him nervous and upset. It is very important for every owner of a rottweiler to take serious steps from their dog’s younger age so, that he gets the training of not chewing on any random object in your home.

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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale: Where And How to Get Them


Want to get yourself a Rottweiler this summer but don’t know where to look? Don’t worry – we are here to help! The Rottweiler is a common breed of dog in Australia and it is likely that you’ll get your hands on a pristine specimen with minimal effort. Here are some of the ways you can get your hands on the best out there.

1. Breeders over Pet Shops

Pet shops, as a rule, are a bad idea when it comes to buying healthy Rottweiler puppies for sale. This is because pet owners lead a primarily profit-oriented business which leads to dogs and puppies often being sourced from puppy farms and sold without pedigree papers so parentage is unknown. Therefore, pet lovers will always advice you to buy your dogs from a breeder.

2. Selecting Your Dog

It’s useful to decide before hand the age of the puppy you want to purchase – what you get depends on the condition of your household and the training that a potential pet has already received. If you are unable to take proper care of a new born puppy at your residence, it’s a good idea to get a dog that is at least six months old.

3. What Prices to Expect

Rottweiler puppies price depending on the strain and the breeder. However, you can be sure that good breeders will provide you with puppies that are value for money and with known history of both good and not so good genetic traits compared to pet shops, because their primary objective is to take care of animals as distinct from making a profit.

4. Where to Find Breeders

You can look for Rottweilers for sale on the internet or check out the classifieds in your local area for announcements on availability. Remember to contact the breeder personally and ensure that their dogs are properly taken care of before buying from them and aiding their business.


Therapy Dog Training

Therapy Dog Training: How to Go About It

While dog training itself is a tricky affair and requires significant experience and knowhow to be done right, training a therapy dog is exceptionally daunting at several levels. Because your dog might aid treatment at hospitals and homes for the impaired, it is important that they be perfectly trained and effective at their job. Moreover, therapy dogs in most countries require certain forms of certification from local authorities. Here are a few ways do dog training intended for therapy.

1. Keep your dog healthy

One of the most important aspects of therapy dog training is to ensure that your dog oes not get affected by illnesses and develops a strong immune system. Because a lot of therapy dogs bring joy to hospitals, your dog should be able to work in such conditions without falling ill.

2. Encourage your dog to like company

A great therapy dog is one that can light up anyone’s mood by being vibrant, enthusiastic and amiable. Therefore, your dog training should make it want and appreciate human contact.

3. Train your dog to trust strangers

This is not something that your dog will learn on its own – you have to introduce it to strangers every day who are routinely good to it, so that the dog does not get impatient or stressed when it is brought in the company of people it has to tend to. This is an important tip on how to train dogs.

4. Follow the requirements of typical institutions

Most institutions require your dog through to through testing before it is allowed a profession of being a therapy animal. When you do your research on how to train dogs for therapy, make sure that you keep in touch with what conditions your dog needs to satisfy and what commands it should be able to carry out.

Rottweiler Breeders Queensland

Rottweiler Breeders: A Guide to Selecting The Best


If you’re looking to get yourself a pet dog and Rottweiler’s are a specie that you are interested in, we recommend getting the perfect dog from a breeder instead of buying one at the pet shop, because of the recent allegations of improper treatment and abuse that have been heaped on pet shop owners. However, not all Rottweiler breeders take perfect care of their dogs, and here is a guide through to what you should keep in mind when finding one to get your dog from.

1. Check their background on- and offline

Before you contact potential Rottweiler breeders, make sure that they have a clean and decent track record from checking out their reviews on the internet and asking around in your circles about their reputation.

2. Pay their workplace visit

The most important thing when looking for Rottweiler Breeders Australia is to pay them a visit and check out the environment the dogs have been brought up in – this will make sure that you have a healthy dog with a sound mental development.

3. Meet their dogs and examine them

The dogs you meet should respond positively to human interaction, implying that they have been treated well. They should also be strong and healthy – a sign of proper nourishment. Finally, once you select a puppy for your purchase, consider meeting its parents to see if they are with any defects.

4. Check for health issues before your purchase

Most Rottweiler breeders Queensland will provide you with a health check of your dog before you purchase it. In case yours doesn’t, consider getting one yourself prior to purchasing your puppy, even if it involves taking said puppy over to a vet. It pays to be sure of the physical condition of a dog before you adopt it for life.

how to train a dog

How To Train A Dog: The First Principles


If you’ve decided to get a pet into your life and are trying to train it to adapt itself to your way of living, it is natural to feel daunted by the task of communicating effectively with another life-form so distinct from the human race. However, with the following dog training tips and rules, you can get started as soon as you like.

1. How To Train A Dog At the Right Time

Your dog’s temperament decides whether or not it is able to take commands and carry them out. Notice if your dog is getting uncomfortable and stressed out from the situation, and create a positive and calm atmosphere for your training sessions.

2. Repeat Commands Several times, clearly

For the first several training sessions, it is important that you repeat your commands several times for your dog to recognize and memorise it. Do not expect your dog to understand and carry out your orders the first time you give it a command; it is not uncommon for dog training tips to advice expecting it to take days, sometimes weeks to understand a command.

3. Positive reinforcement is key

Positive reinforcement during training dogs means rewarding success as distinct from punishing failure. Keep treats handy and reward the dog with tasty snacks or a belly rub when it does something right – this will encourage your dog to train faster and better!

4. Have patience in abundance

success in training dogs stems from patience. An impatient trainer is bound to stress the dog out, resulting in a situation where your dog starts associating training or commands with stress and anxiety, which might mean that they never learn the tricks you are trying to teach them.

There are several resources on the internet that give you sample commands and trick on how to train a dog. It’s advisable to start with small and simple dog training tips and gradually increase your trick in complexity.

Rottweiler Anxiety Symptoms & Their Causes

A rottweiler is a very caring and loving breed of dog. They easily get attached to their owner and love to get their attention always. Anxiousness is not a strange behaviour for any dog, rottweiler is no exception.

We are sure you would not want your pet to stay unhappy, so it is very important to watch out for different signs of anxiety and get it treated as soon as possible. In some cases, natural remedies work to treat anxiety, but when you are not able to, it is advisable to see a vet.




One of the most natural anxiety seen in a rottweiler is the separation anxiety. First, let us discuss a bit more on the same.

What is Separation Anxiety?

As the name suggests, this type of anxiety can be observed in your rottweiler puppy when he is left to stay alone.

Symptoms Associated

It has been observed that due to separation anxiety, your rottweiler might become more aggressive or destructive in nature. For instance, if left alone he might chew on anything causing damage to your personal items, or even develop howling and barking.

What Do Professionals Say

A rottweiler or any other dog might experience separation anxiety due to excessive trauma in the past or it might be in their personality itself.




Cure To The Problem

Most people think that the best solution to cure this type of anxiety is to not leave your dog alone for more that a minute. But, this is not true. We all have got other work to do as well that cannot be avoided. So, the potential solutions for curing this situation are:

  • Before you leave your rottweiler at home, we advise that you should give him ample exercise and keep his toys near, so that he can chew on them.
  • Avoid paying attention to him when you are getting ready to leave, this helps them understand that you have got some other priorities to attend to as well.
  • Lastly, but less obvious, you can get another canine for your rottweiler to have company.

Apart from the separation, a rottweiler might experience anxiety due to other reasons that include, illness, aging, change in the circumstances, etc.

What Do You Need To Look Out For?

Due to anxiety in your rottweiler, he might not only show a destructive nature but also might suffer from diarrhea, obsessive barking, not participating in any playful activity, hiding or tucking his tail.

When you are not able to find any solution to all these behaviour, we would advise you to take your Rottie to a vet and seek help.

We at Coalfire Rottweilers, specialise in offering the best solution to you and your loving pet. You can simply contact us and drop us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Points to Remember while Going for a Drive with Your Rottweiler

Are you thinking to take your Rottweiler out with you for the next road trip? Don’t worry we will guide you through few tips that will be helpful for you.

    • Safe Transportation

Travelling with your Rottweiler is fun. But it is very important to keep him safe during the trip. Leaving your Rottweiler to wander in the car while you drive should be avoided. Securing your Rottie in the car guarantees safety for both, him and the people in the car as well as on the road.




    • Stop Often:

      Depending on the time of your travel, stopping frequently at intervals is important. This will give your rottweiler space to go around and wind up his job. This will comfort your Rottie and make the car ride fun for him as well.

    • Keep Your Rottie Hydrated:

      Long car trips might make your Rottweiler tired and thirsty. Thus, keeping him hydrated will be a great idea. Carry a spill proof bowl along with you to avoid messing inside the car. But, don’t keep your Rottie thirsty for hours this may make him car sick.




      • Do Not Leave Your Rottweiler Alone In The Car:

Spending long hours for quick food and drinks at a cafe by the road might bore your Rottie. A switched off vehicle turns into an oven instantly, thus leaving your Rottie in such environment makes him feel sick. Do not make the mistake to leave him alone in the vehicle for hours.

    • Stop Kids From Teasing Your Rottweiler:

      Kids get over excited while on a trip. In such a situation, they tend to tease the Rottie and jab him. This should be avoided as such behaviour will make your Rottweiler stressed out and feel uneasy during the trip.

Considering these important points will make travelling a pleasant experience for you as well as your Rottweiler.

For more information on “how to keep your Rottweiler healthy?” or, “what is the perfect food for your Rottweiler?”, to answer all these questions, contact Coalfire Rottweiler.

Make Your Rottweiler Learn To “SPEAK”

Rottweilers barking nature is inherited from their ancestors’ days in the wild. Sometimes it is observed that your rottweiler’s bark may become excessive and create nuisance not only for you but your neighbours as well. So, it is very important to teach your dog to first become “quiet” and then bark or “speak” when you command. Here, are a few training tips that you can carry out to teach your dog to speak.

Command Him To “Speak”

 Grab your dog’s favourite toy or a treat and hold it in your hand out of the reach of your rottweiler. The below-mentioned steps can help you:

  • Firstly, it is important to get your rottweiler’s attention. Then call out his name in a happy tone and show him his favourite stuff.
  • Prompt the command “speak” in a calm but excited tone. Give your dog some time to respond back and then repeat the command again by showing him the toy. You can also knock at the door if any treat is not working out.
  • Keep on repeating the command until he responds back to you. Once he does so, reward him with a treat.
  • Or withhold his feed until he barks for it.

Train Him Without A Treat

 If you find that your dog has mastered the command of “speak” as well, then try it out without rewarding him with a treat. This encourages him to listen to you even though you do not have a treat. You can also substitute the treat by praising him whenever he reacts to your command.

Train Him To Be Quiet 

It is important to teach him to be quiet. This can be done by using these simple steps: When your dog barks excessively on the ring of your doorbell, sit in front of him and try to grab his attention with a sound of a clap. Once he is looking attentively towards you, say “quiet” and throw him a treat. Try this out for about two to three times and then repeat it again for a few days, so that your dog masters this command.

Always be sure he has no valid reason to bark, rottweilers do not generally bark for no reason. Training your rottweiler requires patience and lots of hard work, for making him obedient and well mannered.If you are thinking to get your rottweiler well trained, then come to Coalfire Rottweilers. Here, we provide our customers with the best of our services.