Some Ways to Prevent the Common Dental Problem in Rottweilers

The characteristics of Rottweiler breed may be defined as a calm, confident, courageous dog with a distinct nature of aloofness from others that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendship. Sometimes they may be aggressive with the dogs from same sex but many Rottweiler live peacefully with the family of cats. Overall we can say that Rottweiler is a splendid, capable companion.

Rottweilers suffer from several health hazards. In an open survey it is found that around 80% of the dog owners do not tend to reveal anything about their pet health condition. The most common Rottweiler problem is cancer. Around 43% die due to this disease. The most common cancer in Rottweiler is Osteosarcoma i.e. bone cancer. Beside cancer other Rottweiler problems are orthopedic diseases, heart disease, skin disease, hypothyroidism, colitis, epilepsy, vision problems, hemolytic anemia, urinary infections, kidney diseases etc.

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Apart from these above mentioned health problems of a Rottweiler, gums or dental problem is also of a major concern.

Just as we take care of our teeth everyday it is also important to look after the hygiene of our pets and teeth is one of the primal concerns. Keeping the gums of your Rottweiler pup clean and healthy is very important as it is the root cause for any other kind of dental problems. The function of the gum is to secure and support the mouth tissues.

Periodontal disease or Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection called plaque. The residual food particles along with saliva stick on to the gum line along the tooth surface after every meal or snack and this causes plaque. If this build up is not removed regularly, it can harden to form tartar or calculus. This tartar eventually loosens teeth, causes bad odor and discoloration of the teeth and gums.

From an open survey it is found that nearly 85% of Rottweiler is suffers from gums related problems.


The Most Common Rottweiler Dental Problems are:-

  • Bad odor from mouth
  • Loosened teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Retreating gums
  • Unwillingness to chew or eat.

It is easy to maintain good oral hygiene and plaque control in pets.

Some important tips to prevent the gums related problems among Rottweiler are as follows:-

  • You should encourage your pet to chew on specially made toys that helps to stimulate saliva secretion which will help to fight against plaque.
  • Water additives also protect your pet mouth from dental problems. Ask your vet to provide a special diet to reduce plaque formation in your pet’s mouth.
  • If you feed Bones every day it reduces your incidence of teeth problem.
  • Preferably bones that require nawring at, not something they can give 2 bites to and swallow

From the above we can say that gum problem in Rottweiler is mainly caused due to plaque buildup and bacterial infection. So if you remove this plaque from your pet mouth then you can surely give him or her a healthy lifestyle.

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