Different Types Of Rottweilers You Need To Know

Whithin the Rottweiler breed there are different types, For those people who love their pets, specially the Rottweilers, it is important for them know more about this breed of dogs, the different types that exist and the type that they want as pets We endeavour to give some related information below


Types of Rottweilers


Some years ago although the breed standard is more or less universal there were probably 2 distinct types available in Australia, German and American, this is no longer the case. With the costs reducing and easier importing, rottweilers are available from eastern block countries as well, in fact anywhere in the world.


Some areas tend to focus on large heads, however everything in genetics is a compromise and different breeders have differing views, some follow fashion, some set their parameters in accord with the longstanding breed standard of physical and temperament conformity.


I would believe that the Germans have the most rigorous and effective controls of maintaining the Rottweiler as a physically and temperamentally appropriate canine.


There has been a tendency of height reduction of the breed here in Australia, this in my view is undesirable, the Rottweiler needs size, muscle, athletisicm, and strength of character.


It is pointless and indeed dangerous to have a pretty or show winning Rottweiler that is scared of thunder and lightning for eg.


Many eastern block and European breeders and American breeders have good dogs and the ADRK the german Rottweiler control have been responsible for this.


However there are some as there are here who breed without enough regard for the rottweilers main requirement which is temperament, ( in my opinion) they are too powerful an animal to have them bred only for beauty.



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