Know The Female Rottweiler Temperament



It is important to understand the temperament of a high line female Rottweiler so that you can provide a better training to them. Understanding their temperament and characteristics help you to change as well as modify your training procedure. Adopting the best possible way to provide them training is the right way to teach as well as discipline your Rottweiler puppy.


Understanding the Temperament of a Female Rottweiler


Intelligent – Rottweilers are extremely intelligent and this implies that they are sharp enough to learn new things. This makes one thing very clear and that is, as a guide it will be easier for you to teach a Rottweiler basic discipline. Potty training is one of the most important training that you need to give them. Due to their intelligence, they can learn these fast and execute them accordingly. So be careful what you teach, its harder to undo than teach right, owner should be smarter than dog-not always the case.


Extremely Loyal towards their Master – For a female Rottweiler, it is an important trait for them to know her master and the important family members of her master. So that the Rottweiler can protect them, love them and stay extremely loyal and committed to them. Loyal and loving are the two basic Rottweiler temperaments that can be molded accordingly to suit the requirements of your family members and their lifestyle.


Adaptable to their Surrounding – A female Rottweiler has tremendous capacity to adapt to their existing surrounding and make adjustments accordingly. This particular temperament is a great benefit both for the Rottweiler and her master. Due to their presence of mind and intelligence, they have the capacity to adjust to any new surrounding as fast as possible. They are considered to be an all rounder and the primary reason for that being their intelligence. However, the right training is also an important aspect that needs to be kept in mind. So remember to give your Rottweiler the right training.


Rottweilers are a Great Puppy for Your Family – As has been mentioned that Rottweilers are a great pet because they are extremely loyal and faithful. They are the most integral part of your family and their unconditional love helps in binding the family together. So get a puppy for your home and give them the proper training so that they can blend well with the lifestyle of the rest of your family members and bind everybody together with their unconditional love.


The microscopic view of understanding the temperament of a Rottweiler will help you to get a puppy home today that can become your greatest asset. Our females are all high line and produces very high quality puppies. If you are looking for Rottweiler puppies for sale in QLD call us now.