5 Tips To Identify a Reliable Rottweiler Breeder

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The breeder is the most important person that you will come across before buying a puppy for yourself. The breeder is the bridge between you and your puppy, therefore, it is important that you get in touch with the right breeder.


We assist you in identifying the breeder from whom you should buy a puppy, the additional member in your family.


5 Factors to Remember when Selecting Your Rottweiler Breeder


Should be Trustworthy – The Rottweiler breeder you are trying to buy your puppy from should be sufficiently trustworthy. Failing to that would mean that there is something fishy. Breeders need to be very transparent in their approach specially when customers are buying puppies from them. Failing to be transparent implies you need to cautious.


Inspect their Homes – Before buying the puppy from the breeder, make sure to visit their homes once. The home of your breeder should be more or less clean and most importantly, the dog areas should not remain covered with feces. The puppies should not be scared from the owner and neither should they try to kill guests.


Remember the Age of Your puppy when Buying – In case you are planning to buy Rottweiler puppies, remember that they should be beyond the age of 8 weeks. A 7 week Rottweiler puppy is not fine. Observe the Rottweiler and the kind of guidance that he received from the breeder needs to be determined as well.


Check whether Your Breeder Cross Checks on You – It is important for your breeder to be inquisitive and ask you questions about why you need a puppy and how do you plan to take care of it. In case they don’t then walk away. As a Rottweiler breeder, they should be worried about their puppies. If they do not cross check and is more than happy to give you the puppies, look for better options.


Check the Financial Terms and Conditions of the Breeder – In case the Rottweiler breeders demand a non refundable deposit, then be rest assured that they are not trustworthy enough. No Rottweiler breeder puts forward this sort of financial terms and conditions. THIS IS TRUE SOMETIMES I do require a minimal deposit which is not refundable for booking a future puppy if the purchaser changes their mind, you must remember I may turn people away because you have booked one and if you change your mind I am left with a pup and no home. If I cannot supply of course money is returned. Its about each party being fair.


These guiding factors will help you to choose your Rottweiler breeder well. A good breeder is always an indication that the Rottweiler puppy whom you are going to add in your family will also be good and your friend for life. Being a responsible Rottweiler breeder based in QLD, we focus on ethical breeding program. We stress on what is takes to breed good Rottweilers.

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