How To Raise Your Rottweiler Puppy In A Healthy Way

It is important to raise your puppy well and the primary reason for that being you want your puppy to grow up to be a healthy Rottweiler. If this is what you wish for, then it is important for you keep the various Rottweiler health issues at bay. Everybody is new when it comes to taking care of their Rottweiler puppies and that is why you need our help. We guide you about the various maintenance tips to raise your puppy in a healthy way.


Tips to Raise Your Rottweiler Puppy in a Healthy Way


Discipline – Discipline is one of the deciding factors that determine the better health of your Rottweiler puppy. If you can discipline them in the proper way, then the chances are high that they will not perform certain activities that can give rise to health issues. Discipline instills upon the puppies an order and routine that helps them from not doing things that can harm their health.


Vaccinations – There are several diseases those are extremely fatal for dogs. You should prevent your Rottweiler puppies from these diseases, hence the need for the proper vaccinations. Vaccinations for pets are an effective way of protecting your puppies from the various health problems.


Food and Diet – Maintaining a proper diet for the puppies and following a strict food habit is important to keep the Rottweiler health issues at bay. The food for dogs should be natural and raw and mostly have raw bone content that is edible not just large chew bones. I rarely feed commercial food but will occasionally if a pup doesn’t want to eat when teething.


Scheduling the Food on Time – There is always the right time to feed your puppies and it is mandatory that you follow that timing for giving your puppies their food. There is a measured amount that you need to give them for their meal four times a day for a 5 to 12 week old puppy. In case the puppy shows no interest in eating it, you need to change the food and get something else instead.


Heartworms – Heartworms are parasites those come into existence only in certain specific climate. These parasites can create a lot of problem in the heart and lungs of your puppies. This parasite is transmitted from mosquitoes implying that your pet Rottweiler need not be in contact with another dog to get heartworm.


If you wish to bring a Rottweiler puppy in your family, then it is important to keep these factors in mind so that you can raise them up in an extremely healthy way.

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