How to take Care of Rottweiler Puppies

Rottweiler dogs are perfect for those who want a companion is strong, sturdy and loyal. Though these qualities go for almost any dog, Rottweilers in particular have very strong straits of firm character. But like all living beings, the upbringing matters and Rottweiler puppies have to be well cared for so that they can grow up to be high line Rottweiler males. There are some basic points to keep in mind while taking care of Rottweiler puppies:


Firstly, it is essential that you always give them raw food or a mixture that has a high percentage of raw food. While there are some breeders who would be against a completely raw diet, for the initial nurture of a Rottweiler, this is perfect. One has to understand that the digestive system of the dogs is not the same as that of humans and they might not get the full nutritional benefits of cooked food, even if you think that you are feeding him well. It has been proven that they can absorb the minerals and other nutrients much better if the diet is raw. Overfeeding is not good either- consult a breeder to know exactly how much of calorie intake is required for stud Rottweiler in Australia.


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Next, you have to make sure that the puppies get plenty of exercise. The calorie intake is usually calculated along with the calorie that is shed and if they do not get adequate exercise, it will result in obesity, just as it happens in the case of humans. Proper exercise in Rottweiler puppies helps in their muscle and bone development and they acquire the habit to work and run right from infancy. Keeping a puppy cooped up indoors right through its infancy and suddenly bringing him out for a hunting trip when he is older will only result in disorientation Moreover, by nature, Rottweilers are dogs that love the outdoors, so not giving him adequate opportunity to stretch his legs might also result in depression, making him timid and fearful of his surroundings.


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