Importance Of Nutritious Diet For Rottweiler Breed Of Dogs

Rottweiler breeds are generally likened to thugs, suave and dangerous thugs. The dark pelt with trimmings of brown and the hardened face of the dogs can instill fear into the minds of the hardest of hearts. They are some of the most hardcore guard dogs that continue to have an illustrious career in the armed forces of almost all the countries. The ideal specimen of this breed is calm and watchful but never violent without reason. Mistreating them paves way to more snapping personalities but proper guidance ensures they are never ill mannered and socialize quite well with strangers and other dogs. (But they are not a blk/tan Labrador)


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This breed was bred for stamina and focus. They were cattle dogs that kept herds of animals in line. Farmers and butchers used these dogs to pull carts apart from deploying them as guard dogs. Diseases are not very common among them, but they are also not completely free of them either. For starters find a reputed breeder to adopt a puppy. Bloodlines are great indicators of the medical future of any canine. Health clearances for both its sire and dam must be produced. Get clearances for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and hypothyroidism apart from the von Willebrand’s disease. Look up all the pertinent information and certifications before beginning the process of adoption.




The diet of a Rottweiler is of immense importance. They have a tendency to develop illnesses when left to vegetate and overeat. Daily food intake must follow the directions of the vet and ensure that of the approximately 38-55 kg of Rottweiler at least 65% be muscle. Regular exercise will ensure that the dog stays happy and healthy. The growth of the Rottweiler puppy needs constant monitoring. Too fast, or too slow growth are both dangerous. The diet should consist of a balance of vitamins, protein, fat, minerals, fiber, phosphorus and calcium.


The Rottweiler breed is highly susceptible to bloat and develop digestive disorders. They fart at the most inopportune times and can create nasty odors. Rapid ingestion and small kibble are found to be the most common among the problems pertaining to such disorders. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult a vet so that the proper nutrition reaches the dogs and no health problems result from that. Dogs cannot choose their food so it is the owners’ responsibility to ensure their proper and healthy diet.


Most owners feed commercial food, not something I agree with however better a commercial diet than badly fed natural diet, as far as I am aware all commercial food kibble is cooked thus altering the ingredients from their natural form that a canine would normally in its natural state scavenge. That is what a canine is, a scavenger. Predator as well, and when catching smaller prey they will as matter of course eat fur and all. This cannot be mimicked by commercial food. Dogs are not designed to eat copious quantities of grain, which most commercial foods have far too much of.


Feel free to contact us today. We know the importance of nutritious diet and can prepare the perfect diet chart for your Rottweiler puppy. Also lots of love with exercise is the key to the health of your Rottweiler. Check out our other helpful articles on Rottweilers here.