Know Some Important Facts about Rottweiler

Rottweiler originated from Germany in the earlier 20th century. These dogs are known as the “herd breed’, mainly for working purposes. The name Rottweiler has been originated from a town at Germany named Rottweil. They were mainly used for protecting the family and droving cattle.

The first Rottweiler Association was formed in Germany in the year 1903 and it was first imported to USA in the year 1928 and in UK in the year 1936.

These dogs are large in size and weighs around 75 to 130 lbs. Females weight is little lower than this.


These breed is known as the compassionate, loving, strong , intelligent and goofy dog.

Compared to other breeds Rottweiler takes time to develop. Sometimes Rottweiler may not grow to its full size even at the age of 2. !!!

Their life span is generally up to 7-10 years of age.

They are mainly used as service dogs , police dogs etc

They are generally perceived as ferocious dogs . If proper training is not given they can be really very unmanageable.

These dogs are often prone to eat a lot. If you don’t control their diet they might become very heavy. Due to this gas may occur and they become lethargic.

They are robust build and have broad chest, with heavily muscled body. If you check their eyes you can see the power and grit they have.

Rottweiler’s are generally not that friendly to strangers. They have a “wait and see” attitude. They take time to open up. Once if they feel you are good people they will immediately mingle with you. They are over protective about their masters, (they will very often place themselves between master and stranger, ready to react if they feel it is necessary) so if they sense you are a danger to their master they might become little aggressive.

Since they are very possessive. It is important to make them social. From the very early age training should be provided to them. If not done they can become very aggressive because they have no understanding of what a threat or friend is.

They prefer their masters to have a certain stern personality and should possess good leadership skills. Otherwise it will become difficult to control them.

If the Rotties are well bred and well trained they are a very compassionate, loving and caring dog. Training to this breed is very hassle free. They are quick learner.

Rotties are considered infamous for their bad behavior by many. Because of this acquired bad reputation many people don’t prefer it to keep it as a breed . But this is not the truth.


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