Information on Purebred Rottweiler Puppies

Well, let’s face it that for the first-timers who haven’t done much research on Rottweiler puppies have a sub-conscious belief that Rottweilers are aggressive. Very aggressive! So, this blog is for those folks who hold such a notion that these dogs are extremely aggressive. There are many people who once thought a Rottweiler to be overly aggressive dog but having owned this breed for sometime, people think differently and often suggest their friends to get one.

There are many people who ask various sort of questions on Rottweilers because they want to know if their family would be safe. People with kids are often apprehensive as well. But a discussion on online forums would help you understand that a purebred, healthy Rottweiler poses no threat to its owners. They are quite gentle as dogs and are quite well-behaved.


People often argue that Rottweilers are known to protect stocks and also their owners. This makes one assume that these dogs are pretty aggressive. As discussed above, Rottweilers are indeed gentle creatures. You should however look for a puppy that is well-bred. There are numerous breeders offering purebred Rottweiler puppies for sale but if you manage to get it from a good one then you can bet on getting a great puppy!

A lot depends on how well a puppy is bred. So, while buying a Rottweiler puppy one must be absolutely careful to get it from a reputed breeder. That way, they can be assured of a healthy and well behaved puppy. On a lot of occasions, breeders confine the puppies to little places or keep them mostly in kennels which makes them a little ill-behaved. Hence, choosing a good breeder plays a very essential role.

Diamond on the go with his feed bowl

Coalfire Rottweilers, a dog breeder based in Queensland, AU. Is one of the most reputed Rottweiler breeder. Their purebred Rottweiler puppies are strikingly different mainly because of the way they raise their puppies. Each puppy is monitored closely, health wise and psychological wise to understand it thoroughly. Moreover, the puppies aren’t confined in a little space. They have a humongous 53 acres of land for these puppies to roam around and be the dog that they really are – fearless yet gentle. So, if you are now interested in a Rottweiler don’t miss to visit this breeder as they offer the best purebred Rottweiler puppies for sale.

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