How to Determine if your Rottweiler is Growing Properly

Your Rottweiler has to be fed adequately for it to gain the right weight and to develop its bones and muscles. However, one of the biggest mistakes that everyone tends to make is to feed the dog the same food that the rest of the family eats. There are commercial dog foods available in the market and they make one meal of the day. The rest is usually what the family eats- bits of bread and biscuits top the list, along with leftover cooked meat. Most dog owners complain that although they feed their Rottweilers very well, they are not really sure whether they way they are developing is right or not. The diet for the Rottweilers is all the more important because compared to other dogs, they are a breed who spends a lot of time outdoors and they need a lot of exercise to be a good hunting dog. Hence, they need full nutritional value from what they eat.

Here is what you can do:

Firstly, if you are not sure about whether what you are feeding your dog is right, then the best way to make it happen is to visit your breeder and to get a detailed Rottweiler growth and food chart from the in house nutritionist. All you have to do is to follow that plan. When you look at the diet chart you will find that much of a Rottweiler diet is comprised of raw diet. The digestive system of the dogs is very unlike a human and they thrives the best on raw diet. The dog would also do well if it feeds on its mother’s milk for the full duration and not on artificial sources.


Along with the amount of the food that you are giving the Rottweiler, the quality also plays a huge role. Have a check up for the dog once in every two months to check whether he has reached the height and weight that is required at that particular time. The doctor might add some supplements to the diet if he so feels. Make sure that the dog also gets the required exercise or else only feeding and no movement will very likely make him obese and the purpose of bringing it in a hunting dog or watchdog would be lost. With careful attention, you can ensure that the Rottweiler will grow into a fine strong dog.

If you can feel the ribs but NOT see them weight should be good.

Rottweilers between 6-18 months often look quite out of proportion-do not be concerned and do not overfeed .