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Since in the age of digital technology, pictures can be easily manipulated and edited, we do not give the potential buyers of puppies, loads of pictures. Rather, we try and give them as much of information as possible. At the same time, we request them to go through the various links on the website and navigate the pages so that they can get an idea about the kind of work we do. Thereafter, if the buyer still has any specific individual queries, he or she is most welcome to contact us personally and we would be happy to assist them.


Our Rottweiler litters are sound and healthy and we breed puppies suitable for dog sports and dog shows and they also make lovable pets. The puppies come from the same line when the dog and bitch mate. Some puppies, according to their temperament and their build are more suitable to some homes and so we insist that the buyer tells us exactly what kind of Rottweiler puppy he wants to buy in Queensland, what is the ambience at home like and for what purpose does he need the dog. By taking all this into account, we deliver the best possible Rottweiler puppy we can.



We are a reputed Rottweiler breeder in Australia and can assure replacement or refund 85% of the purchase price of the puppy on detection of any adverse genetic defects in the puppy within a period of three months from sale, it is the purchasers obligation to ensure appropriate feeding, vaccination and other routine health management is maintained.


Under NO circumstance is more than 85% of purchase price refundable but a pup that is returned  for accepted health issue will be replaced when a pup is available with any difference in purchase price payable. All returns are at the purchasers expense.


Purchasers should report any concerns on the health of the pup within 72 hours of buying or else he would be deemed the new owner without recompense, but as stated above, the warranty period will hold good for any genetic health defect for 3 months.