Essential Nutrition Tips
Diet Chart For Your Rottweiler Puppy


 Below is a Rottweiler diet chart for puppies

Raw Meaty bones are of utmost importance. At least 60% of the daily diet should comprise of chicken necks and wings and carcasses and a young puppy will eat them all.


Below is a vegetable mix that need not be given everyday. Two or three times a week would be fine.


On the other hand, meat and vegetable mix can be made in a bulk and frozen and used over an extended period of time, as long as it is fresh. For example:



If you do not wish to mix all these ingredients together, you could just measure them out and feed them separately during various parts of the day.


Add 1 to 2 ml of cod liver oil per 5kg, according to body weight. This should be done everyday. However, on no account are you to give cod liver oil to pregnant dogs. This sheet is only for Rottweiler puppy diet.


This is a basic diet chart for a Rottweiler. The owner would have to work out how much food would the pup need everyday. A good place to start would be to calculate 10% of body weight. Hence a 5 kg puppy would have 500 gms over a day and this would be approximately 300 gms of meaty bones and 200 gms of meat and vegetables.


You may add or alter to this basic diet plan according to the appetite or requirement of the puppy, for which you need to observe him closely until a set diet has been established. Do not allow the dog to become fat and give him ample exercise. And of course he would need larger bones to chew as he grows!