Rottweiler Puppy Training Tips

I will share this little rarely acknowledged secret with you.

Dogs tell time to the minute.!!


We are lazy and can adjust what we do to suit circumstance, be late,be early or ignore normal routine—dogs do not! And this applies to all everyday situations.


Coalfire rottweiler training tips

One of our highly trained Rottweilers


They are creatures of habit and their instinct to conform to the teachings of their masters (us) is unalterable.


The best rottweiler puppy training tips that I can give you is “teach them right”, “be consistent with your training process”, follow a “reward based positive non violent approach” while training your rottweiler puppy.


If you feed them at a particular time 3 days in a row –they will expect it at that time, so don’t complain if your pup is acting up at that normal feed time , if you have not done the deed.


If you make sure your pup  has the ability to go outside to defecate he always will. Pups ALWAYS need to defecate and or urinate when they wake from sleep, which is one reason why I crate them, they wake, you take them outside and praise for doing it outside.


All Our Puppies are Healthy Like This


Our Puppies In the Training Period


If you ensure your dog respects you in early association , he always will. Keep the rules simple, and consistent  do not allow today what you will not desire tomorrow.

If you make the pup an inclusive part of family he will be stable and loving to all family.


Rottweilers by genetics are wary of strangers and they should be BUT they must always be accepting of strangers when you are around. So associate your pups with other people, they will very soon understand threat and no threat.


Think like a dog and you will have your greatest ever companion. Be perfectly realistic, flexible and patient during training training your rottweiler puppy.


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