Things to Know While Adopting a Rottweiler Dog from the Animal Shelter

The Rottweiler dog is an ardent and strong companion to have. Most of the time a Rottweiler is taken as a hunting dog. They have tremendous speed and are full of energy. Coupled with that is the fact that they have strong olfactory organs and a sharp intelligence. All of them make the Rottweiler a perfect guard dog and hunting dog.

Few Things to Know Before you Think of Getting a Rottweiler

To start with, since Rottweilers are meant for hunting and they were often out to this use by the ranch owners and huntsman, they are by nature a bit aggressive. That does not mean they bite and attack the first person they see. It is just that that they are more alert than a lapdog. Hence, if there are unknown elements around or if he senses foreign presence in his or his master’s territory, he is sure to take a defensive stance. He will bark and growl to stall the progress and even keep the stranger in check until the master arrives. So, one of the initial aspects of the training is to get him to know the people around him. Once he gets to know them, his loyalty would be constant.


Next, Rotttweilers are free by nature. You might give them good food, pamper them, cuddle them, give them a well made bed to sleep and yet they would soon be depressed and would stop communicating if they do not find adequate room to roam around. They love jumping and running and be sure to set them free at least once a day, all the while keeping a watch on him. So if you are a city dweller who does not have free space around the house and lives in an apartment, avoid getting a Rottweiler and opt for some other dog instead.

All Our Puppies are Healthy Like This

Purebred Rottweliers are more likely to have this independent streak. They are more likely to show all the above mentioned characteristics in greater intensity. If you feel that the training is not going well, then opt for professional help and they will be able to guide you. Always be open to asking questions to your breeder in case of any anomalies.


Your dog breeder will be able to give you more detailed guidelines about what to expect and how to train a new Rottweiler pup.

Animal shelters sometimes can provide very good Rottweilers or a bundle of trouble if they have been mistreated or allowed free reign-buyer beware.