How Good Is A Rottweiler As A Watch Dog

Rottweiler wield a very formidable presence. The name itself creates fear in people who are not aware of dog breeds. Their impressive appearance and their reputation precedes them and the general public has this impression of a violent dog, raging and foaming in the mouth. In fact this breed is quite the opposite. An untrained Rottweiler can be a very aggressive, but if properly trained a Rottweiler puppy can be the safest dog for your family. They are tremendously intelligent and can be trained to be the best watch dog for a home. Professional training is required to condition them to protect and defend the family he’s a member of. They are smart and obedient enough to follow instructions and can be quite loving and protective to have around children.



History credits the reputation of Rottweilers as good watch dogs. They were trained and used by the Roman army, Rottweilers were an important part of the Roman army. They were used by the army, during wars to guard the army men while they slept, and also to attack when on the battle ground. In modern days Rottweilers are chosen as police dogs for their intelligence and aggressive nature.


Why are Rottweilers chosen as Guard/Watch Dogs?


Along with few other breeds of dogs, Rottweilers are favorites as guard dogs for residences or occupationally. The reasons behind choosing and training them are:


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