Rottweiler the Perfect Breed for Keeping It As a Pet

Rottweilers are large, powerful and known as a “great companion”. They were originally bred for herding. By nature they are obedient and good natured. The reference of this breed was found in ancient Roman History as a companion of great noble king. Though the empire and the emperors are faded in history, but this breed still exists, without any change of its reputation. Brave, lovable, intelligent are the perfect ways to define a Rottweiler.


Following are some tips on whether you are the perfect person to own a Rottweiler

Codie with Kid: Our Rotties have stable temperament and are friendly with kids


You will be a person who includes the Rottweiler in your daily activities not just leave them to their own company in a backyard they get bored, frustrated and destructive – they need family inclusion to be the best that they can be.