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Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

Rottweiler Puppies for Sale: Where And How to Get Them


Want to get yourself a Rottweiler this summer but don’t know where to look? Don’t worry – we are here to help! The Rottweiler is a common breed of dog in Australia and it is likely that you’ll get your hands on a pristine specimen with minimal effort. Here are some of the ways you can get your hands on the best out there.

1. Breeders over Pet Shops

Pet shops, as a rule, are a bad idea when it comes to buying healthy Rottweiler puppies for sale. This is because pet owners lead a primarily profit-oriented business which leads to dogs and puppies often being sourced from puppy farms and sold without pedigree papers so parentage is unknown. Therefore, pet lovers will always advice you to buy your dogs from a breeder.

2. Selecting Your Dog

It’s useful to decide before hand the age of the puppy you want to purchase – what you get depends on the condition of your household and the training that a potential pet has already received. If you are unable to take proper care of a new born puppy at your residence, it’s a good idea to get a dog that is at least six months old.

3. What Prices to Expect

Rottweiler puppies price depending on the strain and the breeder. However, you can be sure that good breeders will provide you with puppies that are value for money and with known history of both good and not so good genetic traits compared to pet shops, because their primary objective is to take care of animals as distinct from making a profit.

4. Where to Find Breeders

You can look for Rottweilers for sale on the internet or check out the classifieds in your local area for announcements on availability. Remember to contact the breeder personally and ensure that their dogs are properly taken care of before buying from them and aiding their business.


Rottweiler Breeders Queensland

Rottweiler Breeders: A Guide to Selecting The Best


If you’re looking to get yourself a pet dog and Rottweiler’s are a specie that you are interested in, we recommend getting the perfect dog from a breeder instead of buying one at the pet shop, because of the recent allegations of improper treatment and abuse that have been heaped on pet shop owners. However, not all Rottweiler breeders take perfect care of their dogs, and here is a guide through to what you should keep in mind when finding one to get your dog from.

1. Check their background on- and offline

Before you contact potential Rottweiler breeders, make sure that they have a clean and decent track record from checking out their reviews on the internet and asking around in your circles about their reputation.

2. Pay their workplace visit

The most important thing when looking for Rottweiler Breeders Australia is to pay them a visit and check out the environment the dogs have been brought up in – this will make sure that you have a healthy dog with a sound mental development.

3. Meet their dogs and examine them

The dogs you meet should respond positively to human interaction, implying that they have been treated well. They should also be strong and healthy – a sign of proper nourishment. Finally, once you select a puppy for your purchase, consider meeting its parents to see if they are with any defects.

4. Check for health issues before your purchase

Most Rottweiler breeders Queensland will provide you with a health check of your dog before you purchase it. In case yours doesn’t, consider getting one yourself prior to purchasing your puppy, even if it involves taking said puppy over to a vet. It pays to be sure of the physical condition of a dog before you adopt it for life.