Training a Dog Using A Clicker

Training a Dog Using A Clicker: How it Works


Using clickers for training dogs is a relatively new method, and while it is of a similar effectiveness to treats, it does imply that you can have longer training sessions and use les treats so as to keep your dog healthy. Here are the basic dog training tips that clicker training has to follow.

1. Introduce the Clicker for Training a Dog

Every time you click the clicker, give your dog a treat. This will introduce the clicker to your dog as a positive sound – this way, when you train your dog afterwards you can use the clicker instead of a treat and it’ll know that it has done what is expected of it.

2. Use the clicker while training

When you get around training dogs for the first time, ensure that you use both your clicker and a treat when the dog carries your instruction. Once the dog gets used to doing what you want it to, replace the clicker and treat with a “command” that the dog will learn to associate with success. This way, eventually the training will require not external inputs or treats.

3. Consistency

It is one of the most important dog training tips that you are consistent with the clicker-treat-praise routine while training a dog. Your dog should clearly be able to distinguish between a good and a bad action on its part from the sound feedback you provide it. Hence, it is important for you to develop a training mindset when you train your dog so that the mode of communication in as clear as possible. If the connection between the clicker and the treat is not established clearly for the dog, it will not be able to make the connection between a command and a click, and will typically not perform up to your expectations .