The making of a Good Rottweiler Involves Several Things

1- Good stable breeding and parentage – non fearful dogs that have strong character and a history of same. Many dogs exhibit aggressive tendencies because they are fearful, you need to understand the difference between fear and pro active protection. The fearful dog will on greeting strangers hide with owners and show aggression from a distance, the confident assertive dog will be happy to greet new people BUT will almost always position itself between new comer and owner- often asking for a pat by newcomer and being along side them.

This means they are in position to protect you the owner because if they perceive any threat they are in immediate vicinity to stop it, they do not need to be a set of teeth alongside you that is relying on you for support(there is no need for raised hackles or bared teeth). The good Rottweiler does not need your support they quite capable of judging situations and reacting accordingly, providing you have trained and socialised them.


2- Proper young life is paramount-pups should never leave the mother till 8 weeks- the training a good bitch does in this time is invaluable. The rottweiler pups are disciplined and allowed and induced to play but always controlled, these are things the good owner will continue with so the pup has certainty and structure in its new life, that grows with it to adulthood.

3- So continue the control that the bitch has instilled –do not allow a pup to take control –they are good at that in many ways-always allow and give play time but demand boundaries that suit your lifestyle and enforce them kindly.

Our Puppies are Born with Strong Bone, Good Head and Grow as A Perfect Family Dog

4- Rottweilers enjoy and need human company they are not a dog to be put in backyard and ignored except at feed time, they want and need to be part of your life, they are family.

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