What to choose a Male or a Female Rottweiler?

Choosing a male or female Rottweiler is completely a matter of personal preference. Male Rotties are more powerful and have excellent potential to learn quickly. Female Rottweiler is smaller than males and tends to be less in respect of it. The male Rottweilers are more dominant and challenging by behavior. This depends upon the training he gets from his master. In contrast female Rotties can be a nit sweeter, gentler and less energetic.


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Male Rottweiler can be more aggressive than female, but female Rotties can also be aggressive especially when meeting another dog of same sex. Most of the readings say that female Rotterweiler is the best to start with for a first time owner because of their standard size and less dominant behavior. They are easy to train and can be good for socializing. But female Rottweiler comes with few sets of problems. If you breed a female dog in heat, you must also carefully watch her in order to prevent males from gaining her access or this may lead towards her pregnancy. Male Rottweiler because of their heavy body and giant structure are more preferred for police patrolling, guarding and other related jobs. Whereas female Rottweilers are timid around new people but again accepts them quickly. Many readings also suggest that breeding both genders together is fun.





Female Rotties are more obedient while males are little stubborn so it brings great experience to train them at one time said many people. Females are just more naturally protective due to that motherly instinct. They are more affectionate and easy to housetrain. Males tend to be larger than females. Females get more attached to ‘family’, males are great for single people but also do great with families. Behavior is typically the same. Both are full of beans, can be wild and crazy, and both have the potential for willfulness. However knowledge of the breed is necessary to train both genders to keep them from becoming overly aggressive. The Rottie whether it’s male or female is powerful, calm, trainable, courageous and devoted to its owner and family. Loyal and protective, it will defend its family fiercely if needed.


If you are planning to own a Rottweiler be it a male or female, the truth is that just like human children, dogs also need rules to follow that they understand. They need to be taught proper behavior for all situations.


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